Effective logistical solutions – for every company.

We strive to provide most advantageous economic results for our clients by offering simple, creative and responsible logistical solutions. We offer expertise and energy in order to improve logistics.

Examination of the present system of trade flow management. Optimization of the goods storage. Enhancement of efficiency of the storage management system – methods for сutting back unmarketable goods and nonstandard inventory. Reduction of logistical costs in the procurement activities.

Warehouse monitoring system (WMS) provides efficient management of labor resources, technics and manufacturing equipment. It means productivity improvement and reduction of managerial and storage costs, rise in profitability and quality of work.

Creation of a logistical concept of a warehouse complex. Concept-project. Technical specification for architectural, building and constructional engineering of the object. Architectural and building engineering. Development of project documentation of stages P (Project), RD (specification documents) of the zero cycle, RD. State examination of the project. Project coordination of construction of a warehouse complex.

Definition of the efficiency level of the transportation and shipping system (including internal shipping). Development of optimization methods and ways to diminish costs for transport logistics, to increase the level of client service. Re-engineering of transportation and shipping system of the company.

In partnership with the company Conveyermash that manufactures chain equipment, we create projects for supplying warehouse complexes with hi-tech chain equipment. From logistical engineering of the object and development of requirements for constructional engineering, from selection of equipment and 3D modelling of technological processes to start-up and commissioning works – we perform the whole range of works on implementation of chain systems.

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Center Logistics Consulting

Center Logistic Consulting is a part of a consulting group, specialized in logistical, customs and financial audit.
CLC provides the whole range of consulting and engineering services in the field of manufacturing and trade business as well as retail chains.
Through leading technologies and experience of the best experts, we help our clients to develop commercially successful projects in all the functional fields of logistics: from warehouse activity to supply chain management. 
Fields of activity:
      • Logistical engineering of warehouse objects. Examination and modernization of the functional warehouses.
      • Implementation of warehouse monitoring systems (WMS). 
      • Engineering of turn-key warehouses: from the concept of the complex to the project execution.
      • Audit of logistical activity of the company, logistical re-engineering. Engineering of logistical systems.
      • Audit of foreign economic activit.
      • Organization of logistical units in the company.
      • Audit and improvement of inventory management system. 
      • Optimization of transportation costs for shipping within Russia or internationally.

Our main advantage is the personal approach to solving logistical problems.